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Grape Nuts Speed

Chris’ mind is in the bidet whilst Steve watches games done quick. Meanwhile, Chris’ daughter gives an x-ray tech the finger.

Rated E for Explicit

Chris has something to say about wasted youth, Steve has a loud experience on a quiet car, and Great Britain is ruining Kentucky Fried Chicken Twitter.

Admiral Arcbar

Chris and Steve celebrate the new year with tales of arcades, assholes, and the World’s Fanciest McDonalds.

This Is a Really Dumb Thought, and We’re Not Even High

In which Chris and Steve celebrate Christmas 2017 by talking way too much about Ethan Embry.

Very Opinionated Opinions

Chris fails at Christmas shopping whilst Steve discovers it’s a small world after all.

Not Bueno or Sano

Steve clears the air, Chris plays pinball, and we recommend our favorite Richards.

The Luddites We Were Meant to Be

Steve gets a Christmas tree, Chris geeks out about a movie trailer, and we both buy a piece of the wall.

You Also Look Great

Steve attends his 20-year high school reunion, Chris spends some quality time with Stephen King, and we learn that mothers are the antithesis of pirates.


Chris swears 'Justice League' is worth swearing about and Steve had a couple of pleasant surprises this weekend.

Mother Eartha

Chris is full of metaphors, Steve is full of thoughts on Louis C.K., and we’re both full of questions like: 'Was that Beastie Boys or The Bloodhound Gang?'

When a Ragnarok Hits You Right in the Buns

Steve’s a pinball wizard and Chris has such a supple wrist, which means there has to be a twist, right? Oh yeah: it’s that we say we’re going to spoil 'Thor: Ragnarok' at the end, and then we don’t.

Explosive Diarrhea Mountain

Chris regales us with tales of his book’s launch and Steve returns to the scene of the Carlin’s.

An Unshaved Private

Steve is frustrated that the skunk persisted, Chris is worried about ripping people off, and we explain why you can’t dick around with consent.

There Was No Hetero Humping

Steve has another interesting story, Chris doesn’t want to be a Weinstein, and we wonder: at what point, when we were younger, did our parents stop giving a shit?

Viddler on the Roof

Chris reminds Steve that there are two Sarah Connors on 'Game of Thrones'; Steve is quick like a queef, but says that we can’t call the episode that; and we take two stabs at a tribute to Tom Petty.

Nothing to Do With Silas Marner

Steve is barking at cars, Chris can’t remember the names of people and things, and we have a very scientific discussion about masturbation frequency.

No Longer a Spoof

Chris is sweating dashes, Steve is sweating eggs, and listeners are sweating the details.

Fun Natural Fun

Steve joins a pinball league, Chris might be the second coming of the King, and Juggalos descend on Washington.

Harry Nilsson Holograms

Steve didn’t start remembering things until about 1987, Chris discovers that he’s an American medium, and Bill Skarsgård tries to fill Tim Curry’s big shoes.

Monkey Mark and the Monkey Bunch

Steve has a burgers for breakfast, Chris has questions for Dr. Seuss, and there is a lot to say about ducks.

Making Out With a Horse

Steve knows where he gets his OCD from, Chris knows he should probably tell people he has a book coming out, and we make predictions for the season finale of 'Game of Thrones.'

Portraits of America After the Apocalypse

Steve has an idea for a happy little documentary, Chris is hearing fighter jets in the mountains, and it’s been so long since we’ve had cake.

Take Me Down to the Vatican City

Steve’s band is big in Europe, Chris wants you to stand by him, and Metacritic ranks 37 Stephen King adaptations (in a row!).

Those Extra 4 Ounces of Beer

Steve swears that no one can chug a gallon of milk, Chris is younger than the goat, and there’s a reason Americans hate the color red.

Millennials Are Ruining Tooth Extraction

Steve wonders about naughty jigsaw puzzles, Chris reports on a one-armed machete-wielding clown, and a listener email demands that we come correct when it comes to Outkast.

Turd Anniversary

Chris and Steve reflect on being HOT for the third year in a row, replaying some of their best material from the past 52 episodes.

Gluten-Free Juggalo

Steve has a theory about the Big Bang and the community, Chris shares news about ICP fans and Catholic celiacs, and Spider-Man does whatever a spider can.

The Local Little Person

Steve is almost done with Zelda, Chris has seen 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' (twice), and there is much to be said about reactions to last week’s puppy chat.

In the Original Croatian

Chris learns what makes a dog dog-shaped and Steve has lots to say about the Super NES Classic.

What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse

Whilst Chris trolls Whovians and soccer fanatics, Steve hunts for houses and a cure for Simon’s curse.