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Legalize Wheelies

Chris goes to Portland, Oregon for the 2018 XOXO Festival, Steve goes to Portland, Maine for his bachelor party, and one of us goes to the mall and gets our prostrate massaged without meaning to.

Alt Water Wheel

Chris is going to the XOXO Festival in Portland, Oregon; Steve is having a bachelor party in Portland, Maine; and climate change in Portlands all over our fair planet is very, very real.

Hands-Free Driving

Steve has a birthday, Chris has some Ben & Jerry’s, and a listener has some strong feelings about the proper Terminator line-up. Plus: Where is Dyluck?! And: Who is Finley Harlocker?

Your Mom's Cloyster

Steve thinks listeners would miss Chris, Chris does his best to prove otherwise, and we both wonder what we’d do with Save Points in real life.

Hedgehog Neurologists Are the Heroes of Our Time

Chris saw 'Christopher Robin,' Steve saw a beer explode, and Apple saw fit to boot Alex Jones.

Tightly Sauler

Chris is going to kick the shit out of his computer, and Steve is going to kick the shit out of Chris if he wears the orange tie.

Musical Beds

Chris saw a kangaroo, Steve saw a sign, and we see eye-to-eye on the Firing of James Gunn.

Super-Ultra Monkey Fist

There's an American Girl in Natick and a Match.com girl on Steve's TV.

Rabbit's Revenge

Chris drives his family to Universal Studios and Steve reveals that J.K. Rowling hates pinball.

Sorry, I’m Mr. Cool

Steve begs Chris not to get him started, but Chris does it anyway.

1,461-Day Anniversary

Chris doesn’t think soccer is a sport, Steve doesn’t understand why the dialogue in movies is so damn hard to hear, and we celebrate our fourth year of being HOT.

Major Plot Point

Chris explains that his penis is not dry heaving, not exactly; Steve elaborates on the difficulties of being a video game completionist; and we both sweat our balls off even though it's not yet summer.

Teeth Kissing

Chris and Steve talk Pride Month, technology conferences, and what the Pac-Man might be if it were the name of a sexual position.

High Tolerance for Hot Sauce

Chris found something to blackmail his high school friends with, Steve heard a rumor about chickens, and the cool thing about the box was the box.

A Good Variety of Dumb

Chris and Steve discuss 'Avengers: Infinity War,' ghost population control, and their protocols for pooping.


Steve learns that less back equals more hair, Chris explains why he stood in line for eight hours the other day, and we agree that there’s no way to stop a wind-up toy.

HOT Hiatus

Chris and Steve are taking a brief break from the show.

Lengthy Handsome Note

Steve thinks cemeteries are dumb, Chris feels guilt over all the films he’s never seen, and we need to stop celebrating the birthdays of dead people.

Unpredictable Tongue

Chris details an 'Infinity War' theory in under a minute, Steve is uncomfortable watching Chris make out in 'The Mercy Seat,' and the parties of one year olds don’t always go the way you’d expect.

Mackton Porpoises

Chris tells the tale of his kid’s egg swan, Steve talks about a heck of a comeback, and a listener emails their pitch for a Coen Brothers crossover.


Chris cries on camera, Steve bets they only encouraged that dog, and we both wonder what it would take to make America Jesus again.

What About Bradley Cooper as Rocket J. Squirrel?

Whilst Chris says something (or, perhaps, many things) to elicit a 'Goddamnit' out of his co-host, Steve conceives of an 80s cinematic universe featuring Pee-Wee Herman, the Ghostbusters, and Martin Seamus McFly.

Mario Elf

Chris and Steve are joined by Ryan to discuss backwards compatibility, Boston’s Scuffle Zone, and how there is never an 'and' on this podcast.

Let’s Not Make Things Things

Steve doesn’t understand understaffing on a Saturday night, Chris has figured out the best kind of ’chist to be, and the boys discuss the creation of a 21st century Blarney Stone.

Inception Is No Exception

Steve gets the 'are you fucking with me' look, Chris explains how to play Murder-Death-Kill, and 147 is the pager code for 'Steve’s an idiot.'

Come for the Novel, Stay for the Crab Cakes

Chris is rewriting a play, Steve is re-buying video games, and angry young cows are rebelling against their oppressors. Also: #NamisBoobs.

Prepon or Postpon?

Steve has a beef with the Block, Chris thinks lifting is for losers, and a corgi rides a pony.

Tripod and Yoga Mat in the Morning

A listener drops some knowledge, Steve drops a cough, and Tom Brady drops a pass.

Turd Arithmetic

Chris and Steve are joined by Ryan to talk lost thumbs, fair points, and CluckTube.TV.

It’s Number Time

Chris had a walk, Steve had an accident, and Old MacDonald HAD a farm.