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Chris can’t choose between altra and regular, Steve woodburies the lede, and we research the etymology of the word dildo.

Anybody Who’s Everybody

Steve comes up as a crazy wave, Chris has a few miles on his metaphorical tires, and it’s a rare circumstance when a great movie is also a great pinball machine.


Steve says he’s never intentionally written anything, Chris wonders if the latest top-notch video game is just an updated version of PAPERBOY, and together we learn that you can’t double nothing.

My Buddy and Twin Sister

Steve calls the fire department and Chris explains why Kelly was Al Bundy’s Roadrunner.

The Headitor-in-Chief

No one brought their axes to class, Steve doesn’t know why he said “baby cat,” and Chris wonders if the kid from "Mid90s" will escape the corpse.

Freedom Factories

Chris stacks some wood, Steve plans a trip to the movies, and it turns out it’s called a “weird album.”

Crotchless Kid Rock

In which we learn Chris used to be a sloppy party bottom; Steve’s not a potato person anymore; and, if you’re starving, you could eat some fondant.

A Car That Isn't a Car

Steve visits Canobie Lake Park, Chris visits the Registry of Motor Vehicles, and one of us gets better at subtle nudging.

An Eye on Ziering

Chris has a full-on hard-on for Dr. Seuss, and Steve doesn't understand a balk unless it comes from a chicken.

Deep Hot Lore

Steve loves "The Boys," Chris doesn’t love King Richard’s Faire, and Maine really loves its Italians.

Petite Mademoiselles

Chris has a very brief Amazon bitch, Steve has some suggestions about where Chris should start with Terry Gilliam, and we realize that we’ve always wanted to be a part of someone’s algorithm.

Experiment Gum

Steve turns 40, Chris learns what a “butt funnel” is, and we wonder if an atomic whoopee cushion could stop a hurricane.

Fart Is the Mind-Killer

Chris and Steve are joined by special guest Ryan for an episode where somebody loves a thick font, somebody wonders if Chris Evans was in "The Pirates of Penzance," and we debate the parentage of Maximillian Goof.

A HOT Summer Vacation

Chris has a brief announcement.

If That's What It Came To

Steve says he’s Both Guy, Chris needs to get himself a Little-Guy swagger, and someone DOES want to buy Dongclaw BUT…

Silver Ball Busters

Steve is both a newsboy and a newsman, Chris wonders what it might take to get higher than Phil Collins, and we learn what distinguishes the pros vs. the amateurs when it comes to verbs.

Keto Dogs

Did Chris buy Steve’s PS4 just because of his daughters’ love for high-end dollar stores? And did Steve really order a plate of endless broccoli? Listen now, and find out!

Catfishing Before It Was Cool

Chris liked holding the B button, Steve always wanted to visit Technical Town, and it turns out that there are two Kisses and not just one.

The Nightwing is the Right Wing

Someone loves Fruity Pebbles in a major way, someone wants to start a pirate franchise of his very own, and somewhere—SOMEWHERE—there’s a dog with boxing gloves on his hands.

Failing Upward

Steve keeps on calling it The Salty Box and Chris keeps hating on yard sales, but the bumbles definitely don’t hate the hydrangea.

A Singular Timberlakian Accomplishment

The Tascam is out of the bag, Steve thinks our tombstones should be empty pizza boxes, and Chris asks if 'Troll 2' is better at being a bad movie than 'The Room.'

A Tissue on Deck

Chris announces the fate of his exquisite jingle corpse and Steve refuses to explain why he has a bag of boogies.

Too Many Snaps

SPOILERS: Chris and Steve share their controversial opinons about 'Avengers: Endgame' and 'The Long Night' (the third episode of the eighth season of 'Game of Thrones').

Angry Angry Hippos

Chris is a week behind and has a weak behind. Steve explains why people just get sick of laughing sometimes. And a local movie house picks bad young people.

Candles Suck

Chris needs the best graphics card for boob touches and Steve becomes MacGyver for the movies.

Double Satisfied

Steve wonders if 'Thundercats' was the show that launched a thousand furries, but Chris thinks that everything is a thing and that it’s just a matter of when it got its name.

Doctors With Borders

Steve calls Chris a depresario, but all Chris wants to know is why Judy Blume never wrote a book for him.

An Unbeeped Version

Nobody showed Chris how to ease into a mullet. Meanwhile: Steve is rollin’ in the cheap and proclaiming his love for sloppy portmanteaus.


Chris and Steve get horribly off-topic from the get-go, then spend minutes 20-48 discussing the film 'Captain Marvel' (complete with spoilers).

Our Limited Skirmish

Steve wishes he could shuffle a sandwich together, Chris’ belt is named arbuckle, and we’ve both gotten a lot of triples in our lives.

Team Ice Cream

Steve needs to crack the case, Chris intends ALL of his puns, and we learn why milk shakes bring all the boys to the yard but frappes don’t.

Don't Call It a Callback

Steve explains how wrestling is like edging, Chris takes inspiration from the old sleepy coat bang, and we learn the name of Jesus’ favorite laundry detergent.

The Begots Are the Best Part

Drew Carey is ruining Chris’ childhood. Meanwhile, Steve is wondering: when she makes a mistake, do they call her Robin Wrong?

Therapy Spoken by Chris

Steve is sick of farting Fitchburgians drinking tall boys on the train, Chris is worried his therapist will tell him Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria isn't a real thing, and we imagine what would happen if we traveled back to the age of meaty candy bar phones.

Super Bowl Sunday Pordcast

In which we, two conflicted New England liberals, can't decide if we want our hometown team to win or lose.

Problems With Pants

Chris has troubles with trousers. Steve wonders if you can make paper out of a willow tree.

Second-Wave Vegans

Steve got rid of his bag of boogies, Chris is looking for people who enjoy the penis, and we ask the most important question ever: was Wilford Brimley ever cut?

Suas Calças Estão Cheias de Queijo

Steve brings our old pal Leo by the studio for a visit, Chris distinguishes himself as a blue-balled man of integrity, and we learn how Proud Boys and Incels are really just modern-day orcs.