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The Tijuana of New Hampshire

It’s a real clusterfruit in here, as Chris and Steve are joined by John and Rob for our first in-person episode since early 2020. Learn why John was into the Prodigy, ...

Older Than Homer Simpson

For the first time in nearly a year, Chris and Steve are here to invade your earholes.

Hand-Washing Hiatus

Chris and Steve are on an indefinite hiatus due to the Coronavirus crisis.

The Linda Hamilton Paradox

Would Steve ever consider adopting a primate? In what way is Chris like Tonya Harding? And what exactly is consensual kneecap banging?

Super Mario 65

Steve finds out what happens when LEGOs stop being polite and start getting real. Plus: whatever was stupid, that’s what Chris did.

Town Howl

Steve spoils the Yankee Cannonball, Chris thinks it’s better when bathrooms don’t have doors, and one of us is involved in a top-20 lesbian romance.

Raw Toonage

Chris is such a supportive daddy, Steve has SUCH strong feelings about crocs and socks, and the only Vs we want are the consummate ones.

Winnie the Pooh With a Bat

Steve gets things started with some Hawk Talk; Chris finally begins the recounting of his vacation to Orlando, Florida; and the fellas announce plans for the Horribly ...

Where the Brassieres Live

Chris thinks someone in the relationship between the McDonald's and Coca-Cola corporations is the son of a fizzy bitch. Meanwhile, Steve wants to learn all about that ...

Your Future in College Radio

Find out what happens when Chris blames it on the drain, why someone once asked “Hey Steve, can you take care of this guy for me?” and who it is that’s just like one o...

Muppets in the Middle

Chris overreacts when a guy tells him he’s not a Star Wars fan, Steve remembers Sam the Eagle’s name but can’t remember Sweetums’, and it’s 70 degrees outside in the m...

Jingle Gel and the Junk Trunk

Chris asks for advice on "Rick and Morty," Steve coins the simile “like a warm human bidet,” and we learn why everybody on Twitter right now is like the Penguin.


Chris can’t choose between altra and regular, Steve woodburies the lede, and we research the etymology of the word dildo.

Anybody Who’s Everybody

Steve comes up as a crazy wave, Chris has a few miles on his metaphorical tires, and it’s a rare circumstance when a great movie is also a great pinball machine.


Steve says he’s never intentionally written anything, Chris wonders if the latest top-notch video game is just an updated version of PAPERBOY, and together we learn th...

My Buddy and Twin Sister

Steve calls the fire department and Chris explains why Kelly was Al Bundy’s Roadrunner.

The Headitor-in-Chief

No one brought their axes to class, Steve doesn’t know why he said “baby cat,” and Chris wonders if the kid from "Mid90s" will escape the corpse.

Freedom Factories

Chris stacks some wood, Steve plans a trip to the movies, and it turns out it’s called a “weird album.”

Crotchless Kid Rock

In which we learn Chris used to be a sloppy party bottom; Steve’s not a potato person anymore; and, if you’re starving, you could eat some fondant.

A Car That Isn't a Car

Steve visits Canobie Lake Park, Chris visits the Registry of Motor Vehicles, and one of us gets better at subtle nudging.

An Eye on Ziering

Chris has a full-on hard-on for Dr. Seuss, and Steve doesn't understand a balk unless it comes from a chicken.

Deep Hot Lore

Steve loves "The Boys," Chris doesn’t love King Richard’s Faire, and Maine really loves its Italians.

Petite Mademoiselles

Chris has a very brief Amazon bitch, Steve has some suggestions about where Chris should start with Terry Gilliam, and we realize that we’ve always wanted to be a part...

Experiment Gum

Steve turns 40, Chris learns what a “butt funnel” is, and we wonder if an atomic whoopee cushion could stop a hurricane.

Fart Is the Mind-Killer

Chris and Steve are joined by special guest Ryan for an episode where somebody loves a thick font, somebody wonders if Chris Evans was in "The Pirates of Penzance," an...

If That's What It Came To

Steve says he’s Both Guy, Chris needs to get himself a Little-Guy swagger, and someone DOES want to buy Dongclaw BUT…

Silver Ball Busters

Steve is both a newsboy and a newsman, Chris wonders what it might take to get higher than Phil Collins, and we learn what distinguishes the pros vs. the amateurs when...

Keto Dogs

Did Chris buy Steve’s PS4 just because of his daughters’ love for high-end dollar stores? And did Steve really order a plate of endless broccoli? Listen now, and find ...

Catfishing Before It Was Cool

Chris liked holding the B button, Steve always wanted to visit Technical Town, and it turns out that there are two Kisses and not just one.